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Gadgets for Books

Below is a list of some book related items that can be found on Amazon and a brief description with my thoughts on the device.



6" Kindle Wireless Reading Device

The Kindle from Amazon is an amazing electronic device. The display looks just like a book and is very easy on the eyes. Using 3G wireless you are able to download books in seconds without using a computer. These things are truly amazing and an excellent way to read. Click on the picture or title to check them out on Amazon. There is also a new 9.7" Kindle DX.

Book Light

RiteLite 5 LED Reading Light

This is a great reading/book light. With LED technology AAA batteries last a very long time. Nice and bright.

Book MP3 Player

4Gb Sansa Clip MP3 Player

After a great deal of searching for a MP3 player that would work good with audio books I finally found the Sansa Clip. These are the best; they are inexpensive, allow you to bookmark, and last a long time before requiring charging. It automatically remembers where you left off from in your book and starts there the next time you turn it on, even saving your spot on multiple books. Check it out and if you are looking for a good audio book MP3 player then buy this one, you won't be disappointed. The Sansa Clip models are listed on as the best mp3 players for listening to audio books.

FM Transmitter

Monster RadioPlay 300 FM Transmitter

I used to swap audio book CDs in and out while traveling and commuting, but with my MP3 player and this handy device, no more CDs. This device plugs into your headphone jack on your MP3 player and then you can have it transmit your audio book to whatever station you select. Tune your radio to that FM station and listen to it through your car speakers. I love mine!