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Below is a table with links to full adventure book reviews as well as links to purchase the books from Amazon and to a movie if available. A lot of book reviews are more a summary of the book; my hope here is not to summarize or give away any plot details, but to give readers an idea if a book would be worth purchasing or not. I find that books are more enjoyable the less I know when I begin reading them. My reviews and ratings are based mostly on how much I enjoyed the content and how well the author delivered that content. Click on an image if you would like to purchase the book or movie from Amazon.

Black Wave Book

Black Wave (Book Review)

Book that follows a families' harrowing story of survival on the high seas.

Survival 3/5  
Undaunted Courage Book

Undaunted Courage (Book Review)

One of the greatest adventure tales of all time; the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Adventure 3.5/5  
Eiger Dreams Book

Eiger Dreams (Book Review)

Krakauer's best adventure stories from his articles. A fascinating variety of stories.

Adventure 3.5/5  
The Darkest Jungle Book

The Darkest Jungle (Book Review)

The true tale of a nightmarish expedtion into the brutal and unforgiving jungle.

Exploration 3/5  
Diving Into Darkness Book

Diving Into Darkness (Book Review)

An edge of your seat book about divers going to unbelievable depths of nearly 900 feet. Tragedy, excitement, and survival; this book has it all. (Full Summary)

Diving 5/5  
Dark Summit Book

Dark Summit (Book Review)

A detailed look at one of the deadliest seasons on Mount Everest.

Mountaineering 3/5  
Touching the Void Book

Touching the Void (Book Review)

An amazing tale of survival against all odds.

Note: The movie is a must see, absolutely Excellent.

Touching the Void Movie
Lone Survivor Book

Lone Survivor (Book Review)

Wow...America's finest in an amazing page turner of courage, tragedy, and survival.(Full Summary)

Snowbound Book

Snowbound (Book Review)

A great read on just how unforgiving the mountains can be.

The Last Dive Book

The Last Dive (Book Review)

Not only a tale of the Rouses' tragic final dive, but an exciting story of their adventures in the dangerous world of technical diving.

The Perfect Storm Book

The Perfect Storm (Book Review)

An intense thriller about the greatest storm in modern times.

The Perfect Storm Movie
Alive Book

Alive (Book Review)

The most amazing survival story I have ever read.

Note: The movie is well done also.

Alive Movie
Jungle Book

Jungle (Book Review)

A compelling adventure story that quickly becomes a nightmare in the jungle.

Note: Discovery Channel made an excellent series that features one episode about this story.

I Shouldn't be Alive Movie
So Others May Live Book

So Others May Live (Book Review)

A dozen amazing rescue stories by the US Coast Guard rescue swimmer program.

Rescue 3.5/5  
Fire Book

Fire (Book Review)

Stories of danger from around the world.

Adventure 2/5  
Bringing Down the House Book

Bringing Down the House (Book Review)

An amazing tale of a group of MIT students that use advanced card counting techniques to win millions in the casinos.

Gambling 5/5 21 Movie
Into Thin Air Book

Into Thin Air (Book Review)

Not only an amazing account of survival and tragedy on Mount Everest, but one of the best books concerning climbing Everest in general.

Mountaineering 5/5 Into Thin Air Movie
Shadow Divers Book

Shadow Divers (Book Review)

An amazing tale of wreck diving that is truly better than fiction. A must read.

Side Note: If you like the book, don't miss the NOVA documentary "Hitler's Lost Sub," it is really well done.

Diving 5/5 Hitler's Lost Sub Movie
Into the Wild Book

Into the Wild (Book Review)

A fascinating book about self discovery, adventure, and the ultimate life change.

Side Note: The movie is well worth watching and I actually enjoyed it more than the book.

Adventure 3.5/5 Into the Wild Movie
High Crimes Book

High Crimes (Book Review)

Tales of unbelievable greed and criminal acts on the worlds highest peaks.

Mountaineering 3/5