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Nonfiction Book Review of Alive
Alive Book


by Piers Paul Read

Alive is one of those nonfiction books that lingers in your mind for quite some time and probably never gets fully forgotten. It is a story of survival unlike any other. A rugby team from Uruguay has their plan crash into the bitter cold of the Andes Mountains. For some 10 weeks the survivors had to endure freezing temperatures, dehydration, and starvation with little hope of rescue.

The book is extremely detailed and left me feeling all possible emotions. What the survivors had to endure to make it all those days is both disturbing and extraordinary. The account is so well written that I often felt pains, revulsion, and happiness right along with the survivors.

Even with the extreme length of the book I never lost interest and had a very difficult time setting it down. The story is gripping and dramatic all the way through. The author wonderfully captures both the survivors’ desperation and nature’s cruelty.

Overall this is an absolute must read. Not only is this the best of its kind, but it is also a magnificent testament to human endurance and fortitude. Alive is a bit dark and at times revolting, but the story is extremely compelling and one that all should be aware of. It is truly one of the most amazing survival stories I have ever read or heard about.

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Side Note: The movie nearly lives up to the book. If you haven’t seen it you should. The movie Alive is well filmed and directed, probably the only thing it is missing is some of the gruesome details and character/background development.
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