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Nonfiction Book Review of Fire
Fire Book


by Sebastian Junger

From the author of The Perfect Storm comes an adventure book made up of a variety of stories, ranging from whaling to guerrilla prisoners. Many of the stories are of Junger’s own experiences while witnessing some of the most dangerous areas around the globe. Others are a historical look at interesting stories of the past.

Being a fan of The Perfect Storm, I was excited when I got my hands on Junger’s second book, but it left me disappointed. Granted, his first book was extremely hard to live up to. The scope and variety of the book is extremely broad, causing a lack of depth and intensity in nearly all stories. I felt the stories lacked the passion and background depth that Junger brought in The Perfect Storm.

Overall Fire had some interesting stories, but the editorial, deliver the facts style that Junger used did little to keep my attention. I expected a lot out of this book and was sorely disappointed when I had a difficult time just getting through to the end.

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