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Nonfiction Book Review of Lone Survivor
Lone Survivor Book

Lone Survivor

by Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson

For those of you that have no interest in military books or have tried them and didn’t like them, don’t pass this one up. Lone Survivor is as much an adventure book and survival book as any of the books on this site. Written not just as a tale of what occurred in Afghanistan those fateful few days, but also as a testament to the unbelievable courage, patriotism and heroism found amongst the Navy Seals.

Both from the title, Lone Survivor, and the first few pages of the book you know the outcome; one Seal lives. What you don’t know is all that he and his fellow soldiers and friends went through for each other and their country. The book starts out like a lot of other Navy Seal books, BUD/S and Hell Week. Seal training has been talked about quite a bit, both through books and television, but Lone Survivor gets right down to the nitty gritty with a fascinating first person perspective. Later in the book Marcus Luttrell, the lone survivor, often refers back to his training and how it gave him the physical and mental tools to keep going.

The core of the book is about a four man Seal team that Marcus led into the mountains of Afghanistan to eliminate a Taliban leader. As the reader already knows, things go horribly wrong. What I didn’t know is how emotionally charged the subsequent pages would be. I found myself going from angry to choked up, nearly in tears to laughing out loud in a matter of a few pages. Written in a first person perspective, in a very natural, easy to read manner really hit home for me. I think this is what helped me get into Lone Survivor; it was as if Marcus Luttrell was in my living room telling me his story.

Reading the book I felt an amazing amount of pride, both for our military personnel and the human spirit. The commitment they had for each other and their mission was nothing short of astounding. I enjoyed that the book was not a self praise for Marcus, but a tribute to both his team and the rest of the Seals.

In short, read this book if you haven’t already. Lone Survivor is an amazing tale that would be excellent even if it was fiction. The fact that these were real people that lived the story makes it so much more gripping, heart wrenching, and rewarding.

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Side note: This book is also on audio CD and since it is from a first person perspective, with an excellent reader it really feels like Marcus Luttrell is reading/telling you the story. I highly recommend it and it can be found at Amazon by following this Link .
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